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New Patients First Visit...

 When you first enter our Wellness Center you can expect a warm and friendly greeting from a member of The Stewart Total Care Team. 

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Dr. Stewart is extremely comprehensive and thorough therefore, we generally ask that you allow about an hour for your first appointment. 

First Appointment Procedures... 
1. New Patient Paperwork:
When you first arrive you will receive a health questionnaire to fill out. These confidential new patient questionnaires help us get to know you. Dr. Stewart will use this information to help formulate recommendations for your care.
2. Consultation:
You'll meet Dr. Stewart and he will review your health history and discuss your concerns as well as advise you whether he feels if he could help you.
3. Examination:
Next.... Dr. Stewart will perform a detailed physical including Orthopedic, neurological, and physiological tests utilizing state-of-the-art medical devices such as a Surface EMG device, to assist him in his thorough evaluation of your condition and to determine the cause(s) of your problem(s).
4. X-ray Exam:
If necessary, specific X-ray views may be taken to visualize the location of any spinal problems, reveal any pathologies, and make your modality of care more precise.
5. Evaluation:
Before proper care can be rendered, Dr. Stewart will study your exam findings, X-rays and test results to prepare for his discussion with you at your next appointment to review his findings and discuss an appropriate personalized treatment plan to assist in your recovery.
Your first visit is complete. Plan to spend 30 minutes on your next visit to receive the doctor's report of findings and recommended plan of care. That's it!
6. Until Your Followup Appointment:

Dr. Stewart may suggest the application of ice, heat, or the use of some other procedure to help reduce inflammation and make you more comfortable.

What To Expect Your Next Visit...

Consultation and Treatment Review:
Dr. Stewart will share with you your  test results, review his findings, and provide you with specific care recommendations and your personalized plan of treatment.