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Chiropractic Treatment of Asthma in Children

Reported in the
American Chiropractic
Association Journal of Chiropractic, December 1988.

This article recounts the history of a five year old chld who had had bronchial congestion, pneumonia, and bronchitis several times since she was 18 months old. After running or waking up in the morning she would be wheezy.  The father and mother both reported having allergies.

Chiropractic examination of the child revealed subluxations at three locations on the spine. Two days after the second adjustment, coughing had been reduced, and after the third visit a week later the child was breathing normally. A total of twelve adjustments over a three month period were given, and the chief complaint did not recur. The child was still well four years later.

Case Study 2: History of Asthmatic Child.
Matthews, NC, et al. International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Newsletter. July 1996.

The four year old had respiratory problems since her birth, and was diagosed with asthma.  Her breathing was very labored, and she had shortness of breath.  She couldn't run with the other children because of the constant shortness of breath, and had become reliant on antibiotics for constant respiratory infections, and she had also taken steroidal drugs.   This conventional drug therapy had not prevented her from spending every Christmas in the hospital on a breathing machine.  A complete chiropractic examination revealed vertebral subluxation of the atlas right, sixth cervical posterior, and right posterior sacrum. Specific chiropractic adjustment were given, and the.patient responded to the care immediately and was able to suspend using the drugs within two weeks. Within two months, she was able to play with her friends with no further symptoms. Her fifth Christmas was the first at home in her life. "What would have happened to her if over the last two years she had been on steroids rather than chiropractic care?"  her father wondered.

If the treatment you're currently receiving for your asthma is proving inadequate, maybe it's time for you to try chiropractic. To receive a free chiropractic examination and analysis, please call our office, or click here to request your appointment online.